Ok so we may only have watched the Super Bowl half-time show, but I think we can still confidently say that the best part of it all was the incomparable MISSY ELLIOT. Beep beep, who’s got the keys to the jeep. VROOOMVROOOM. xo, TwoCityLA


Posted by admin on 2 February 2015

Here’s Issa Lish for Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer 2015. xo, TwoCityLA

Issa Lish - Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 - 1

Issa Lish - Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015

Ezra Miller may even out-Pattinson Rob Pattinson on the scorching hotness scale. That bone structure…ridiculous! My vote for Pattinson of the year. xo, TwoCityLA






Pattinson of the Year: Ezra Miller
Posted by admin on 22 January 2015

We love brainy-hot at Two City HQ. That’s why Noah Stitleman of Brooklyn band Neighbors is just too cute. I can’t quit listening to bouncy synth pop, so…pretty much into this. They play Glasslands in Brooklyn on December 7th. xo TwoCityNYC


He’s a Pattinson: the lead singer from Neighbors
Posted by admin on 26 November 2014

Huffington Post ran a story about this guys’ private collection of famous people hanging out. Can you imagine, casually snapping a photo of Uma Thurman just having some pasta on your couch? We’re into it.  xo TwoCityNYC

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Vintage Hollywood Photos from Producer Michael White
Posted by admin on 26 November 2014

Directed by Dougal of Two City LA with special cameo by Mila of Two City LA.

#preview of lookbook and new #vintage collection by @dannyscottlane website in profile! #twocity #la #nyc #etsy #diy #style #ootd - from @wearetwocity instagram

#regram from @islynyc #chloe #forever just love the composition of this shot #itgirl #fashion #vintage #models #90s - from @wearetwocity instagram

Mercury is in retrograde! Preview of our new totes and the upcoming vintage collection @babyonfire #twocity #la #nyc #photoshoot #fashion #etsy #diy @dannyscottlane @kawilson #vintage #graphicdesign @simonablat - from @wearetwocity instagram

This guy is so hot right now—believe the hype! It’s perfect timing for his aesthetic, his sad pop, his corporeal expression through dance and movement. We’re so into it. xoTwoCityLA

Perfume Genius: “Grid” video
Posted by admin on 9 October 2014

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